Change log

Here you will find the changes made to the Chip-Chop software since version 1.00

Version 1.28
  • New features
    • Collect customer information like telephone numbers and delivery addresses.
    • Customer information can be printed on orders, vouchers and receipts.
Version 1.25
  • New features
    • Full support for the real-time dashboard utility. Get a bird's-eye view on your Point of Sale system.
    • Introduction of a developer's API for dotNET. Developers can now extend Chip-Chop using dotNET languages.
  • Enhancements
    • Table numbers now printed on vouchers and receipts.
    • Waiter names now printed on receipts as well.
Version 1.21
  • New features
    • Items configured with a zero price will now result in the user being prompted for a price when ringing up the item. This is useful for substitutions.
    • Introduction of cover charge / gratuity functionality. Automatically add an amount to the bill under set conditions.
  • Enhancements
    • Split voucher screen font enlarged with 2 points for easier operation on touch screens.
    • Voucher and receipt layout changed so to be less ambiguous.
    • Reports updated to reflect the new functionality.
  • Bug fixes
    • Bug fix on the table report where the “Closed Tables” section contained items from the “Open Tables” section.
    • Popup window headings no longer gets trimmed on some screen resolutions.
    • All input fields all limited to the number of characters printable on vouchers and receipts.
Version 1.201
  • Minor bug fixes
Version 1.20
  • Plug and Play Networking
  • Minor cosmetic changes
Version 1.10
  • Added table parking to easily move patrons between tables
  • Implemented split billing to split payment between patrons
  • Added split payment methods to allow a bill to be paid in part by cash and card, as an example
  • Minor cosmetic changes
Version 1.01
  • Minor cosmetic changes
  • Minor bug fixes
Version 1.00
  • Initial release