Plug & Play Networking

Chip-Chop introduces "Plug & Play networking"! Plug & Play networking makes setting up of your point of sale system to operate over a networking, as easy as pie. Nothing to configure, no sharing of folders or mapping of drives. No technical terms like "IP address", "IP port" or "network mask". With Chip-Chop, even terms like "server" or "master PC" are outdated. All you need to do is install Chip-Chop on each computer and it does the rest - easy!

Even more amazing is that Chip-Chop processes transactions in real-time. This means that changes made on one of your networked computers, immediately reflect on all the other. No more stop-starting or waiting for operators to sign off. Configure a new category button on one computer and it magically appears on the other in real-time, without lifting a finger - literally. Try it for yourself, download our free, no obligation, 60 day trial - it's worth it.