Chip-Chop Restaurant Point of Sale Software

Easy to learn and simple to use!

Chip-Chop is a professional, easy to use, no fuss restaurant point of sale (POS) software solution, ideal for various businesses in the hospitality industry. Chip-Chop is simply: "Restaurant point of sale, made easy!"

Why use Chip-Chop?

The best features of Chip-Chop are the stress-free set-up and the effortless use. Add to that:

* easy table management - up to 36 tables!
* gratuity control
* configurable item modifiers (meat temperature - rare, medium, well done)
* order dockets for kitchen staff to easily prepare the correct meal
* easy table transfers - move patrons from one table to another
* easy split billing - split the bill among patrons
* split payments - accept partial payment in cash and the balance on credit card
* collect customer information for deliveries
* easy plug and play networking - just install and go!
* print sales reports
* better understand your business using interesting statistics

and you have world class restaurant software at an affordable price!

Who can use Chip-Chop?

Chip-Chop was developed especially for restaurants in need of an easy to use restaurant software package. Within minutes you will be able to set up your own items and ring up a sale, chop-chop. Chip-Chop can be used by:

  • restaurants
  • coffee shops and tea gardens
  • take-outs
  • cafeterias
  • pizzerias
Chip-Chop Features

Our developers concentrated on keeping Chip-Chop simple, but professional. Its compact design will save you time, money and paperwork. Some of the features include:

* easy installation
* built-in help throughout the setup
* easy setup and use of categories and modifiers
* table and waiter management
* gratuity control
* security pins
* multiple payment methods
* plug and play networking
* remote printing of order dockets


Here's a few Chip-Chop screenshots. Please click on the images below to enlarge and read a short description.

Pricing and buy Chip-Chop

Chip-Chop is licensed per computer. This means that you need to purchase a license for every computer that will run Chip-Chop. Volume discount on 2 or more licenses can be arranged – please contact us at for additional information or see our buy now page.

System requirements and download

Chip-Chop requires a PC running Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 7, with the Microsoft dotNet 4.5 Client Profile runtime installed (chances are great that you already have this installed on your PC). A receipt printer and cash drawer is recommended, but optional.

You can download Chip-Chop here. The download should only take a few minutes and you should be up and running in no time at all. The software runs in demonstration mode until activated by entering your license key.


Licensed users receive email support, free bug fixes and product upgrades.