Screenshot 1

Chip-Chop makes it easy to find items!

This screenshot shows the screen just after Chip-Chop has finished loading and ready for action. Notice that all functionality can be accessed on, or from this screen, including the setup. The shot shows the configurable category select buttons (Steaks, Seafood, Burgers) on the bottom, next to the numeric keys, with the configurable item buttons from the selected category, just above. In this shot, category "Steaks" is selected with items "T-Bone", "Rump" and "Fillet" showing.

You have access to 3 pages of 12 categories, thus 36 categories in total. Each category has access to 3 pages of 27 items, thus 81 items per category. Category and item pages are navigated using the up and down buttons to the left. The number in blue indicates the current page.