Screenshot 2

It's easy to set Chip-Chop up to suite your needs!

This screenshot shows the Chip-Chop setup menu, displayed by pressing the "Setup" button at the bottom.
  • Venue: Here you enter your establishment's details like telephone number, applicable tax as well as your Chip-Chop license key
  • PINs: Chip-Chop protects areas containing sensitive information, like setup, totals and transaction voids, by using pin numbers. Here you can configure the relevant pin numbers or disable them altogether
  • Categories: Selecting this option allows you to configure your categories. Chip-Chop uses in-place configuration, which means you get to select the button you'd like to configure straight off the screen, just as if you were selecting a category when ringing up a sale
  • Modifiers: Modifiers are all the extra options applicable to an item, like size (small, large), preparation method (rare, medium) and patron preferences (no tomato, no fries). You have access to 5 pages of 27 modifiers, thus 135 modifiers in total. Each modifier can have it's own charge as well! This charge is automatically added to the price of the item when ringing up the sale
  • Items: Just like categories, items are configured in-place. Each item can have a subset of up to 27 modifiers
  • Printing: Here you configure the way Chip-Chop behaves when printing orders, vouchers and receipts. You can select the printer and the function of the print button (the "P" button to the right).
  • Waiters: This option allows you to configure your waiter's names and allocate pin numbers to them.
  • Exit: Exit setup and return to normal operation