How do I install Chip-Chop?

The best approach to use would be the following:

Plan your installation. First decide on how you would like your business processes and routines to work. As an example, a typical process would be something like:
  • Tables will be numbered 1 to 14
  • Waiters will take orders from patrons on paper then enter these orders into Chip-Chop, using a central PC
  • Orders will print in the kitchen for all foodstuffs, while drink orders will print at the bar
  • The chef will prepare the meals and the barman will attend to the drinks
  • Waiters will collect the filled orders from the various counters and serve the patrons
  • When ready to leave, the patron will ask the waiter for the bill, whom in turn will print the voucher and hand it to the patron for payment
  • The patron will present the voucher to the cashier, whom will enter the relevant information into Chip-Chop, accept payment and print the receipt
From this simple process, you can calculate your hardware requirements:
  • 1 x centralised PC with touch screen for ease of use
  • 1 x receipt printer to print vouchers and receipts
  • 1 x cash drawer
  • 1 x order printer for the kitchen
  • 1 x order printer for the bar
Installing the hardware
The next step would be to install the physical hardware at points that will provide easy access. Make sure that all the hardware components work. Also insure that Microsoft Windows, including the printer drivers, are up to date with the latest patches (more information on updating Windows, see Updating Windows). Make a test print to each of the installed printers.

Installing Chip-Chop
Download the latest version of Chip-Chop from our website and save it to a location on your hard disk. If the download was not done from the point of sale PC, transfer the downloaded file to removable media, like a USB flash drive or memory stick.

Note: Chip-Chop does not require an internet connection to install or run.

On the point of sale PC, launch the downloaded Chip-Chop installation program and follow the on-screen prompts. Chip-Chop needs the Microsoft dotNet 4.5 Client Profile runtime to be installed on the PC. If this is not installed, the Chip-Chop installation program will direct you to Microsoft’s website, from where you can install this runtime framework. More information about this runtime framework is available from Microsoft, see Microsoft dotNet 4.5 Client Profile runtime

The Chip-Chop installation program will create a Chip-Chop icon on your desktop. Double-click this icon to launch Chip-Chop.

More information on installing programs is available from Microsoft, see Install a Program