What do I need to run Chip-Chop?

Well, firstly you are going to need a PC that’s running Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. You will also need the Microsoft dotNet 4.5 Client Profile runtime installed. Chances are great that this framework is already installed on your PC but if not, the Chip-Chop installation program will assist you in getting it installed.

To print orders, dockets, vouchers and receipts, you will need a POS/ESC compliant receipt printer. POS/ESC is a standard developed by Epson especially for the point of sale industry. You will also need the Microsoft Windows printer driver for this printer installed.

To operate a cash drawer, you will need a drawer that has a “printer kick” connection. This type of drawer connects to the printer kick port on your POS/ESC receipt printer.

To print orders to a location other than that of the receipt printer, i.e. in the kitchen, you will need another POS/ESC compliant receipt printer. These printers usually have robust spatter covers to protect it from grease and grime. Distance is a major factor here – USB connected printers must be installed within 5 meters from the PC whilst Ethernet (LAN) connected printers can be up to 100 meters away. Chip-Chop can support multiple printers, so additional printers are frequently installed in both the kitchen and lounge (bar). You will also need the Microsoft Windows printer driver for these printers installed.

In the hospitality industry, a touch screen is of great advantage and has therefor become the norm. Order entry and processing is simply more intuitive when using touch. Chip-Chop takes full advantage of touch screens, although it is not a fundamental requirement.

To print reports you will need a normal desktop printer with its corresponding Microsoft Windows printer driver installed.